Spyder Hauling Trailers

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Enclosed Spyder Trailer Open Spyder Trailer enclosed spyder trailer no ramps trailer for spyder



One person Ride on Loading – No Ramps Required

 can-am spyder trailer
Lowered Ready to Load
You simply flip the Lower Switch and the rear of the trailer drops magically to the ground for loading or unloading your Spyder.

 spyder trailer
Just Ride Your Spyder On
You just ride your Spyder on; if you can ride it on the street you can ride it onto your trailer.

 air lowering spyder trailer
The entire loading and unloading process takes only three minutes. This gives you freedom to ride your Spyder when and wherever you want.


Spyder Trailers: - Ease of Loading & Unloading your Spyder:

We sell a lot of our OHT3 hauling trailers to Spyder owners.  We receive many inquiries and calls and hear the same stories about how they have tried to load their Spyders on other trailers that use ramps for loading.  The Spyder, like many newer design bikes and trikes, has a very low center of gravity to give it great handling, which also results in a low ground clearance.  The new Spyder has only about 4.5” of ground clearance: what happens when you try to load it onto a trailer that uses ramps is that it high centers at the top of the ramp, which is really a peak to attempt to go over.

We have heard a lot of horror stories from people who own these types of trailers, people who have rented other trailers and even a man who purchased a trailer that was advertised as a Spyder hauling trailer.  What they have to do is disconnect their trailer from their tow vehicle and if they have a front jack on the trailer tongue, they crank it up all the way which tilts the entire trailer bed up to attempt to eliminate this peak at the top of the loading ramp.  They also have to block the tires on the trailer as it is not connected to the tow vehicle or it will roll forward when they attempt to load their Spyder.  Then they have to go through the reverse procedure to unload their Spyder. 

Some trailers also have a ramp that is so steep that the nose of the Spyder bangs into the ramp as the nose is low and sticks out quite aways in front of the front wheels of the Spyder.  The Spyder owners who call us are looking for a solution to these problems.  Our Spyder trailer solves these problems as the rear of our trailers drops right to the ground for loading and the deck is at a very slight angle upwards so there is no problem of banging the nose of the Spyder or high centering on a hump as there is no hump but a slight valley.

The Economy that our trailers provide you:

With our trailers being so light, the OHT3 trailer for the Spyder weighs just over 500 pounds plus with its low tongue weight, we have found that many of our owners are pulling our trailers with their Spyder on board with very small vehicle, Honda’s, Subaru’s, Kia’s, VW’s and just about any other small vehicles.  We have positioned two wheel stops that place your Spyder in the perfect position to give you the perfect load distribution on the trailer, placing about 150# of tongue weight on the hitch of your tow vehicle.

Most small cars today can handle 150# to 200# of tongue weight and have a 2,500# towing capacity, with your Spyder on board our OHT3 trailer you have less than 2,000# of total weight you will be towing. We have one customer who is pulling his with a VW Jetta turbo diesel and getting 35 mpg pulling it.  That sure beats pulling other heavy trailers with a one ton pickup that gets 16 mpg empty and drops to about 8 mpg pulling these heavier trailers.  Our super light weight and super aerodynamic design allows you to pull it with a small car which will allow you to literally pay for your trailer in your fuel saving alone.

Air Ride Suspension System:

Providing a very low weight and very aerodynamic trailer design, which is super easy to load, is only the first step to creating the “Ultimate Hauling Trailer”.

The second step is to make it pull so smooth that you don’t even know that it is behind your tow vehicle and that is exactly what we did.

If you read our customer testimonials you will see repeated comments where they say

“You can’t even tell it’s behind you,
It seems to be floating on a cloud”.

Air Ride System Raised

 trailer spyder
Air Ride System Lowered


If you notice our trailers incorporate independent trailing arm suspension just like the finest sports cars in the world and also utilize shock absorbers which I have never seen on any other trailer. The independent suspension means that here is no axle going under the trailer that would reduce the ground clearance.

If you look at the above photos they show our independent air ride system, which not only provides this incredibly smooth ride and pulling. Our Air Ride Suspension Design and “Ride Height Control System” automatically adjusts the suspension rate to match the load of the trailer and whatever it is carrying. If you look at all other trailers on the market they either use a rubber torsion bar axle or leaf spring axle which has a fixed spring rate that is usually set at the maximum weight that the trailer is designed to carry. Since most other trailers are designed to carry many other things and not just power sports toys this spring rate is usually set at either 3,000# or 5,000#. What this does, is result in trailers that have way too stiff of a suspension for what you are hauling. Some of our customers who have owned these types of trailers tell us that their trailers get more air than pavement going down the road, bouncing the load to pieces.

As an example of how this works, if you are pulling your trailer empty it will return to the same ride height and puts maybe only 15 psi of air pressure in the air ride system which matches the suspension rate to the empty trailers weight. You load your Trike on board and it returns to the same ride height and now puts maybe 40 psi of air pressure in the air ride system which matches the suspension rate to match the weight of the trailer plus your Trike. Thus it always pulls like it is “riding on a cloud”.

Side to Side Load Leveling:

Since our goal from the start has been to design the “Ultimate Hauling Trailer” we also offer our side to side load leveling option which will automatically adjust for any unbalanced side to side loading, like you get with a motorcycle and side car or a large bike and a very small bike. This option automatically adjusts the suspension rate on each side of the trailer separately to match the load on that side of the trailer, unlike other trailers that go down the road lopsided, which is not a safe towing condition.

Remote Raise & Lower:

We also offer a remote raise/lower option with a key fob that attaches to your key chain for those who are handicapped or have difficulty turning a switch, or those who just want to have every gadget out there. Boy does this impress your friends when your trailer magically lowers to the ground all by itself.


We also strongly believe that you should protect whatever you are hauling as it is riding in back of your tow vehicle which will throw up all kind of sand, rocks and dirt onto your pride and joy.   You don’t want to chip the paint or chrome on your baby; if you have priced out re-chroming or a new paint job you know how expensive that can be.  But it would be nice to also just keep your Spyder pretty clean in the rain and free of bugs and other road grime.  Our Aero Rock Shield is specifically designed to deflect all these things up and over your bike, plus our trailers have a solid steel deck and fully enclosed fenders, giving you what we call Protection, Protection and Protection for your Spyder.

Aero Rock Shield designed to protect your toys

 trailers spyderFully Enclosed Fenders designed to protect your toys


Full Steel Deck Designed to protect your toys.

We look at other trailers and wonder if the designer ever towed a motorcycle on a trailer as most trailers have a narrow rail, an open deck, nothing to deflect road debris up and over your bike and many don’t even have inner fender panels to keep the trailer tires from throwing things up against your bike. We could not honestly sell trailers like these.

We also even apply as second special traction powder coating to the deck surface of our trailers so hopefully you won’t slip if the deck is wet.

Notice all the mounting holes we have provided such that you can use this trailer to haul many different power sport toys plus many other things.

Stand Up Design for Shipping and Storage:


Our trailers are designed to fold up for shipping and storage. The rear deck, just in back of the fenders is mounted on special pivots blocks, which allows the rear deck section to be pivoted up from the main deck. This feature allows us to greatly reduce the shipping cost as we ship our trailers upright as shown in the attached photo.


During the riding season most of our customers pull their trailers tongue first into a garage bay, lower them to the ground and store their bikes or trike on the trailer, riding them on and off for short day trips. Then for longer trips they just roll the trailer out, hook it up to their tow vehicle, load their bikes and off they go.

During the non-riding season they can fold up the rear deck and stand their trailer upright against their garage wall, they only take up about two feet from the wall.

Tie Down Packages:

We offer a wide variety of Tie Down Packages each designed to suit your specific hauling needs.

Spyder Tie Down Package




  • 2 Universal Wheel Stops
  • 4 Retractable Ratchet Straps
  •  4 Ratchet Strap Mounting Brackets
  • 4 Super Soft Straps
  • All mounting hardware


We didn’t just stop with the trailer design but took everything in to consideration to bring our customers the ultimate trailering experience. We have spent an incredible amount of engineering to design and develop complete tie down systems to make it extremely easy to securely tie down your power sport toys once you have them loaded on our trailers.

Capture Wheel Chock

The first step was to determine all of the various tie down locations that would be needed in the decks of our trailers to literally make them what we call “Universal Hauling Trailers”. We positioned these mounting holes to provide what we feel are the perfect mounting positions for just about every conceivable thing you may wish to haul on our trailer.

Then we went the next step further and welded nuts underneath the deck such that you could mount all these by yourself from the top of the trailer deck. You can also haul two touring type motorcycles on an OHT3 and you can add Capture Wheel Chocks (as shown here) that you can interchange when hauling bikes.

You can see the tie downs mounted on thee sides of the rear of this trailer.  We offer a number of tie down packages that are designed specifically for different vehicles, the one shown above was designed specifically to tie down your Spyder.  We also have our own design of a capture wheel chock for motorcycles; the Spyder trailer will also allow you to carry two large touring type motorcycles, golf cart and many other things.


While we offer custom painting as an option we have some incredible motorcycle graphics painting artists that we use here in Denver, they can design whatever you want and paint it on your trailer. Many of our customers know a local painter who they use and many of them also attach various graphic packages, if you go on the internet you will see hundreds of cool decals that you can add to your bike, trike or trailer.


Our customers use our trailers to haul ATV’s, Snowmobiles, Golf Carts, Motorcycles, dirt bikes and even things like riding lawn mowers. Our trailers are truly “Universal Hauling Trailers” designed to carry many things.

As just one of many examples we recently sold a trailer to a man who has a BRP Commander, (a large ATV), and he just recently purchased a Spyder and found out he couldn’t load his new Spyder up the ramp onto his aluminum trailer that he uses to carry his Commander. He was referred to us by the local Spyder dealer and all we had to do is include a front deck extension onto the front of one of our OHT3’s to make it two feet longer to accommodate his Commander. This is our OHT3X model trailer, designed to haul longer vehicles like choppers, Stallions, Mobility Conquest handicapped trikes, other longer trikes and can even to haul a Morgan Three Wheeler or a Smart Car.

So if you add all this up our trailers:
  • Do not require loading ramps
  • Provide one person ride on loading and unloading
  • Have automatic air lowering and raising
  • They automatically adjust the suspension rate to the load, no bouncing down the road.
  • They pull so smooth you will never know that they are behind you.
  • They‘re super light weight & very aerodynamic, barely affecting your tow vehicle fuel mileage.
  • Our trailer folds upright, both to reduce the shipping costs & allow you to store them along the wall of your garage.
  • They offer unparallel protection for whatever you are hauling with an Aero Rock Shield, full steel traction coated deck & fully enclosed fenders provide you with super protection.
  • Our revolutionary Capture Wheel Chocks, Universal Wheel Stops & EZ Tie Down Straps make securing your toys a snap plus our super soft straps protect the paint & chrome on your toys.
  • Plus they are just cool looking, unlike other industrial looking trailers.

“Just ask one of our trailer owners what he or she thinks of our trailers and you will find that there is no other choice, and yes we have a lot of female owners of our trailers”.

Product Information:

We invite you to watch the video of our products in action, browse around and fill out a customer inquiry form and we will email you a complete information package on our trailers including complete specifications and our current price sheets, including any special we are running at that time. Don’t forget to look at our new Customer Referral Program.

Product Models & Pricing:

We offer six models of open hauling trailers the OHT1, OHT2, OHT3, OHT1X, OHT2X and OHT3X. . We also offer three models of enclosed hauling trailers the EHT1, EHT2 and EHT3. These enclosed traier body kits that allow us to convert many different bands and mosel of open hauling trailers to enclosed hauling trailers. Give us a call to see if your brand and model of open trailer can be converted to an enclosed trailer.

The base models of our trailers start in the mid $2,000 range, all our trailers include our proprietary air lowering and air ride technology. We offer a wide variety of options that you can add to your trailers, we also offer Special Edition Packages where we bundle the most common options that our customers order that can save you over $1,000 versus ordering these as separate items. You can pick up your trailer at our factory in Denver Colorado or we can ship it to you. We have made special arrangements with our freight forwarder to offer you super shipping rates. We can also provide you with an exact quotation on the trailer that fits your specific hauling needs.

Other Vehicles our Trailers Haul:








Small Cars


Stallion & Other Large Trikes

All types of OHT’s

Morgan Three Wheeler

All Sizes & Types of Bikes & Choppers