Testimonial Mike M

 Mike M - Orlando, FL


I just received my OHT‐2X Trailer and I am very happy with the product and the quality of the manufacturing.

I thought I would share with you a funny story regarding my trailer. I had my trailer shipped to my local Harley Davidson dealer for offloading and final assembly. The trailer arrived in perfect condition and the mechanics at the dealership had no problem assembling the unit with the instructions that were provided with the trailer. The dealer, when completed gave me call to pick up my assembled trailer.

When I arrived at the dealer to pick my trailer up, the mechanic informed me that he had to manually air up/raise the trailer for transport since there was no air compressor installed. When I explained the air compressor was already preinstalled on the trailer, he commented “You may want to call the Trailer Dealer and/or the Trucking Company, as I have looked everywhere but did not see any air compressor on the trailer . . . . Maybe it was left off during manufacturing or stolen during shipment.” I suggested that we hook the trailer electrical connector to my towing vehicle to check if the air compressor was indeed missing.

Much to the mechanics surprise, as soon as I plugged in the electrical connector we immediately heard the buzz of the allegedly “missing” air compressor. I spent the next 20 minutes raising and lowering the trailer whilst the mechanic excitedly called all of the other service techs (and the sales team) from the dealership to see this amazing trailer in action. With each cycle, he would remark about how amazed he was with the tiny/hidden air compressor that was raising the trailer under load each time. He and the others took turns climbing up and standing on the trailer deck so they could see the trailer air up and automatically level out as the load changed.

I have since had the opportunity to use the Trailer with both of my motorcycles. I am pleased with the ability to alternate between hauling my KTM dirt bike and my Harley Tri Glide effortlessly. Based on my positive experience thus far and seeing first‐hand the quality construction of the trailer, I am immediately placing an order for a body kit to convert my trailer to an EHT‐2. I will then have the perfect hauling solution to protect my Harley from the weather as I take my Harley out to Sturgis and back this summer. As a result of the clamshell opening scheme and the shorter height dimension with the trailer closed on the EHT, I will be able to keep my enclosed trailer inside the garage between adventures making the local Home Owners Association happy.

I have enclosed a few photos showing my trailer loaded with my motorcycles. Please feel free to post on your website or share with others who may be looking for a hauling solution. Thank you for designing and manufacturing the perfect hauling trailer!


Sincerely, Mike M - Orlando, FL