Testimonial - Bob S.

I purchased my air ride trailer, one of their new model trailers to haul my Spyder on.  My son picked it up at the factory and delivered it to me here in Minnesota.

I took it on a trip to Arizona and took off in a snow storm; I was amazed how clean the Aero Rock Shield kept my Spyder, just a little moisture on the windshield.  What I was worried about, had to clean the whole bike, especially around the motor and hard to get areas, it did a fantastic job of keeping it clean.

Our trip that was almost 2,000 miles from Minnesota to Arizona and it was amazing how easy it was to pull behind my car; it was hard to tell that we had a trailer behind us.

I was able to put 3,000 miles on my Spyder while in Arizona over the winter riding most of the beautiful state of Arizona, there are so many beautiful places to visit.

We came back from Arizona this spring, everything worked perfectly and I can tell you having the trailer really made our two 2,000 mile trips easy.  Having this trailer makes it very easy to bring our SPYDER with us on our trips so we can enjoy riding in many different parts of this great and beautiful country!

I would recommend this trailer to anyone wishing to haul their bike or trike.

Bob S. - Minnesota

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