Testimonial - Dean H.

I have a Stallion trike which is quite large and heavy and have been researching suitable trailers to haul it for months.  I made many calls to various motorcycle dealers across the country who sent me literature on many trailer choices they had available.  None were what I was looking for as most were difficult to load utilizing loading ramps, industrial looking and heavy.

I wanted to pull it with my SUV so weight was a primary consideration.  Searching on the web, I finally found a winner!  Having looked at many other hauling trailers for my Stallion motorcycle I felt that this trailer would fit my needs best.  I was looking for a unique style, in addition to some type of a tilt bed, for loading purposes. This trailer looked like it would really satisfy both needs.

When I ran across their website and discovered that the company was located less than 100 miles away, I drove to Denver, toured their manufacturing facilities and viewed the products under construction. 

The reasoning behind the product design and the selection of the components used in the design of these unique trailers was explained.  I was totally impressed with the quality of all aspects of the product.  I ordered one on the spot as this is far from a typical hauling trailer … it is first class all the way!

The biggest advantage is the ease of loading.  The deck lowers to the ground and I can just drive my trike right on.  The heavy duty retractable tie down straps are well placed to allow ease of securing the motorcycle.  Once loaded, I flip a switch and the built in compressor raises it to the designated/constant level. 

It has air ride independent suspension and really pulls great behind our SUV.  While driving and watching it trail in the rear view mirror, it appears to ‘float’ when it encounters bumps.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone wishing to haul any type of power sports toy.

Dean H. - Colorado

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