Testimonial - James C.


"I searched for a long time to find a trailer to use for hauling either 1 or 2 bikes. I had seen several cases of ramps failing or owners dropping bikes and wanted to be absolutely certain I could load my bikes safely, and solo. My wife and I love to travel, but there are times she wants to take her bike as well. Physically, she really can't take the long rides on her bike, so we thought we'd get a trailer, load our bikes, travel to an area, and take 100-200 mile rides, but without beating her (or us) up too much.

"Well, I saw the OHT trailers on the net, got the information, then called to talk engineering/design (I am a retired engineer). Passionate guy, great concept, and simple enough to be ultra-reliable! Frankly, I could not find anything close to this design anywhere in the country. I ordered the OHT3, knowing I could load 2 bikes staggered, or move chocks to load 1. Its width was ideal for trailing behind my somewhat compact SUV. We had it shipped to the Tucson, AZ area (my local Ace Hardware was kind enough to lend a forklift and use of the lot to do the assembly). Not difficult at all!

Then found the true benefits. There is fantastic balance and tracking, the trailer is hardly detectable behind my vehicle, and heads turn wherever I go with it. Loading it is an absolute snap, and the spring-loaded chocks are lifesavers in releasing a big bike when unloading. On that subject, not only are the chocks the best I've used, but the tie down ratchets are also the best I've ever used. Order the whole tie down package, soft straps, etc. Jim has chosen a phenomenal set of attachments.

"Our first trip, less than 2 weeks later, was to Northern Arizona and cooler weather. Loaded my Road King and her Virago 250 and took off up to the higher elevations. At Interstate speeds but up long truck-eating hills, the trailer still felt light. The entire trip cost me less than 2 MPG loss in gas mileage. The rock shield kept the bikes completely free of debris. Oh, a friend who met us there ran the tread off his rear tire on the way. I pulled the chocks, relocated one to the middle, loaded his Softail, and hauled him to Grand Canyon Harley to prevent him from losing a tire (and potentially his life).

The switch in configuration plus the loading took less than 30 minutes. Got a free dinner for keeping him safe, too!! I've loaded the Virago alone (350 lbs), the combo above at about 1200 lbs, and last week carried a Street Glide and a Softail together totaling about 1700 lbs, and at no time does the trailer feel much different. I think the bikes rode softer on the trailer than on the road!

"As for the quality, craftsmanship and customer service they are all tops. I store it in a storage room by unbolting the rear deck section and flipping it over the front, so it fits in about 12 feet. With the caster in front, it's simple to move around. My advice, Don't cut corners on a trailer. This one makes each trip with no down time, no effort, unmatchable safety, and great fuel economy. Let's see... terrific design, best-in-market accessories, and great customer service. I truly believe there's nothing else out there better.

"Oh, and one last thing... support American Small Business. This is a company that shows us why."

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