Testimonial - Roger M.


After I received my OHT2, I loaded over 1500 pounds of motorcycles (R1200 GS and Honda Varadero plus spare gas & bicycles) on it and towed it from south eastern British Columbia, 3400 miles up the Alaska Highway to the Yukon and back. The road is by and large, quite wonderful, with good pavement, but winter is hard on it with linked potholes abound in places.

Two months later, I drove down the Stewart Classier Highway at dusk, in a raging thunderstorm, on 80 miles of three-four inch deep, freshly laid very wet gravel. Thank goodness for the rock shield!  What was most impressive was the independent suspension, for no matter the terrain, the bikes never wavered side to side in the least. The trailer towed wonderfully through the deep gravel when I was most worried, as it was mushy, with beckoning ditches on each side of the narrow two lane road.

Throughout my trip, I had to constantly look in my rear-view mirror to ensure that trailer and motorcycles were still there, as there was no noticeable trailer drag. Your brochure brags about the lack of impact on one’s gas mileage and I will certainly attest to that claim.

While it was parked at a friend’s in Whitehorse, off his driveway no less... a gravel truck driver, while dropping a load of gravel on his driveway, drove over the tongue, (I need different friends obviously!) munching the crank down wheel and trailer ball hook up...the fact that the tongue could be so easily removed ensured an easy fix, as I disassembled it in five minutes and took it to a steel fabricating shop!

Two months later I hauled my R1200 GS and Suzuki DRZ on another 2200 mile road trip to Escalante and back. This time with no camper on my truck, I would forget the trailer was on the back and travel the “I roads” at 75 mph with not even a jiggle to suggest I should slow down and protect my cargo. The ease of loading and unloading is a dream. The hard part was keeping the drool off my trailer, as other bikers would see the easy tie downs and roll-on roll-off capabilities.

Unfortunately I have now become the target of numerous requests to borrow my OHT2 and so I was wondering if I could get from you a “weld on” copy of your “logo and website” to put on it, so they can contact you directly for one of their own!

I sold my old snow machine trailer by the way, and remove the wheel chocks and very easily load and unload my snow machine!

Oh yes I almost forgot, I hauled a 1000 pounds worth of Honda Gold Wing 1000 miles in October with nary a wiggle...so that’s 6600 miles of towing experience in only 5 months!

Thanks again Jim for a beautifully made product and please feel free to use any bit of this testimonial that makes sense. I am also happy to correspond with anyone who wants details of how to import one into Canada and my very favourable experiences in dealing with you personally.

Roger M.  B.C Canada

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