Testimonial - Ron B.

 After researching many choices of trailers to haul my Harley on I located and purchased an air lowering and air ride trailer.  I used this trailer to haul my Harley and later decided to purchase a Can Am Spyder as I am getting to the age that I felt it would be more enjoyable to ride a trike than a motorcycle like in my younger days.

This trailer is absolutely incredible as it makes loading your bike so easy that I can’t imagine anyone even considering any other trailer that requires ramps to load your bike.  It allowed me to load my bike by myself and not locate several others to assist me in pushing my bike up a ramp as required by other trailers on the market.  It gave me the freedom to go where I wanted when I wanted and not be concerned about finding other to help me load or unload my bike.

The other feature I really like about this product is the way it pulls behind my tow vehicle as what they say in their literature, “That you can’t even tell it’s behind you” is absolutely true.

Then in 2011, I was involved in a broad side accident that hit my new pickup and my trailer totaling both of them and flipping my Spyder off the trailer and incurring over $9,000 of damage to it.  My pickup and Spyder were covered by my insurance so I was able to purchase another pickup and had my Spyder rebuilt.   I called the company and discussed this with them as I needed a new trailer.

They were kind enough to make me special arrangements as my trailer was not covered on my vehicle insurance policy, a mistake that I wouldn’t make again.  I received the new trailer which now is shipped standing upright on a semi bed to greatly reduce the shipping cost.  I had it unloaded and assembled it which again was very simple as advertized.  I headed for Mew Mexico where my Spyder had been rebuilt, loaded it up and made a rapid return to Oklahoma.

This new model of OHT has many great improvements on an already super product, I won’t tell you how fast I pulled it at times on some deserted highways coming back from New Mexico, I think I could pull it as fast as my pickup will go without even knowing it is there.  The other amazing thing is that this trailer with my Spyder on board only reduces my fuel mileage by about 1 ½ to 2 mpg.  I wouldn’t even think about purchasing any other trailer and would recommend this product to anyone considering hauling any type of power sports toy.

Ron B. - Oklahoma

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