Testimonial - Ros S.


Prospective OHT purchasers:

I bought my first OHT motorcycle trailer to haul our two Yamaha V Star motorcycles.  The attraction of the drop down deck, capture wheel chocks and ease of loading were big selling points.

We drove from home in Florida to Denver in December, picking up the OHT during a snowstorm.  I first towed the bikes to ride the hill country in Texas for a trip of several thousand miles.  We spent the summer traveling with an Air Stream trailer and the bikes carried on the OHT from Florida to Texas, Utah to Montana, west to Oregon and all the states along the way.  The OHT performs beautifully and my Hyundai Santa Fe barely felt it was there.

With probably well over 25,000 miles of freeway to mountain towing as well as ocean sand a salt, I would easily recommend this trailer for hauling power sport toys.

Roz - Florida

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