Testimonial - Larry B.

While we live in Delaware and we decided to make a trip out west and pick up our UHT trailer at the factory in Denver, CO.  Jim demonstrated the operation of our new UHT, we hooked it up and it took us about 3 days to return to Delaware. What an UHT experience, this trailer is so smooth and light pulling that I couldn’t even tell it was hitched to my RV.  I had my wife go to the back of our RV a number of times to see if everything was OK.  When towing this trailer I lost less than one mile to the gallon, which is incredible.  I was also surprised that the white color of the UHT was relatively clean when we arrived home. 

My real experience using the UHT occurred in January 2012 as I loaded up my Harley Davidson Ultra Classic and headed to Florida, Texas and Pittsburg.  The ease of loading and unloading the bike is unbelievable.  I drove approximately 3,800 miles and experienced the same thing traveling as before, easy pulling and a smooth ride.  But this time I added 900 pounds of bike to the OHT, the mileage loss this time was approximately only 1 1/2 miles pre gallon  Again I was amazed how relatively clean the UHT was, the cleanup was simple with very little effort.

My next venture will be to exchange the UHT for their new Aero Pod which is not in production yet.  I know that the wait will be worth it, I would highly recommend this trailer to anyone, there is only one word to describe it. - UNBELIEVEABLE.

Thanks, Jim!

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